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Ministry of Presence

Our Ministry of Presence is made up of people who care about walking you through times of grief and loss. Our ministry of presence offers grief support groups and retreats and our parish is committed to serving all people in different life situations. Let us know how we can help! For more information, contact Karen Anderson, the leader of the Ministry of Presence, at

Upcoming Events

Threads of Grief + Threads of Hope
"Weaving Life Together After Loss"

Saturday July 23, 2022 9:00am – 2:00pm
Ss. Mary & Paul Catholic Center

The loss of a loved one is life’s most difficult experience. Join with other grievers to reflect on your experience, by yourself and with other’s in a special time of information, encouragement, and support. We will explore our grief journeys through informative presentations, reflective and creative activities, private reflection and small group sharing.

This workshop will be presented by:

Gloria Alt, a Spiritual Director, and a Certified Bereavement Companion through the Grief Training Center of Wisconsin and Karen Anderson, a member of St. Mary/St Paul’s Ministry of Presence team.

Workshop cost, $20 including lunch and material. Scholarship to cover cost is available.

For more information or questions concerning this workshop please feel free to contact:

Gloria Alt at - 608-370-6113 or
Karen Anderson at - 608-712-6079

This workshop is for people who are at least 90 days out from their loss. Please note this is a grief workshop and not grief counseling.