Liturgical Music at St. Mary's & St. Paul's

Our Masses are fully active and participatory. Our liturgical musicians are a great aid to

ensure that we have both a prayerful and and participatory atmosphere at Mass. All Masses are

lead by a cantor and accompanist with instrumentalists. We have an Adult Choir that sings regularly

and are forming a contemporary musical group. Youth singers provide and lead music for

religious education Masses.

Cantor Recordings for Practice

Summer Ordinary Time 2020

Mass Setting: #207, #208, #211, #212, #215, #216, Mass of Joy and Peace

Responsorial Psalm: Respond and Acclaim or from the front of the Gather hymnal. Check each week's schedule.

August 8th - 9th

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prelude: #904, Covenant Hymn

Opening: #607, Sing a New Song

Psalm: #62, Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness

Preparation: #650, These Alone Are Enough

Communion: #940, Your Satisfy the Hungry Heart

Sending: #644, There's a Wideness in God's Mercy

August 15th - 16th

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prelude: #901, For the Life of The World

Opening: #837, Gather Your People

Psalm: Pg. 122 in Respond and Acclaim

Preparation: #855, Morning Has Broken

Communion: #950, Take and Eat

Sending: #879, Hail Holy Queen, Enthroned Above

August 22nd - 23rd

Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prelude: #782, Only This I Want

Opening: #742, The Church's One Foundation

Psalm: Pg. 124 in Respond and Acclaim

Preparation: #856, This Day God Gives Me

Communion: #945, I Am the Bread of Life

Sending: #546, Go to the World!

August 29th - 30th

Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prelude: #580, For God So Loved the World

Opening: #801, Take Up Your Cross

Psalm: #57, My Soul is Thirsting

Preparation: #782, Only This I Want

Communion: #783, Unless a Grain of Wheat

Sending: #766, City of God

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