Liturgical Music at St. Mary's & St. Paul's

Our Masses are fully active and participatory. Our liturgical musicians are a great aid to

ensure that we have both a prayerful and and participatory atmosphere at Mass. All Masses are

lead by a cantor and accompanist with instrumentalists. We have an Adult Choir that sings regularly

and a contemporary musical group. Youth singers provide and lead music for religious education Masses.

Cantor Recordings for Practice

Summer Ordinary Time 

Responsorial Psalm: Lectionary Psalm book or from the front of the Gather hymnal. Check each week's schedule.

Gospel Acclamation: #329, Caribbean Alleluia

Glory to God & Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations: #319, Mass for New Congregations/#211, 214, 215, 216, Mass of Joy and Peace

June 26th & 27th  

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Opening: #680, We Walk By Faith

Responsorial Psalm: #42, I Will Praise You, Lord

Preparation of the Gifts: #953, He Healed the Darkness of My Mind

Communion: #928, Take and Eat This Bread & #925, All Who Hunger

Sending: #635, Let All Things Now Living

July 3rd & 4th 

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Opening: #761, God Has Chosen Me

Responsorial Psalm: Pg. 124 in Lectionary Psalms

Preparation of the Gifts: #645, Amazing Grace

Communion: #907, Where Two or Three are Gathered

Sending: #984, America the Beautiful

July 10th & 11th 

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Opening: #790, The Summons

Responsorial Psalm: #62, Let Us See Your Kindness

Preparation of the Gifts: #751, The Servant Song

Communion: #918, In the Breaking of the Bread

Sending: #546, Go to the World! vs. 1 & 4

July 17th & 18th

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Opening: #839, As We Gather at Your Table

Responsorial Psalm: #35, Shepherd Me, O God

Preparation of the Gifts: #402, Like a Shepherd, vs. 2 & 3

Communion: #938, We Come to Your Feast & #803, For the Healing of the Nations

Sending: #769, Go Make of All Disciples

July 24th & 25th 

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Opening: #837, Gather Your People

Responsorial Psalm: Pg. 134 in Lectionary Psalms

Preparation of the Gifts: #770, One Lord

Communion: #943, Bread of Life from Heaven

Sending: #856, This Day God Gives Me / #855, Morning Has Broken

July 31st & August 1st 

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Opening: #949, Alleluia, Sing to Jesus!

Responsorial Psalm: Pg. 137 in Lectionary Psalms

Preparation of the Gifts: #943, Bread of Life From Heaven

Communion: #945, I Am the Bread of Life

Sending: #924, Song of the Body of Christ, vs. 1 & 3